At Reedy Branch Baptist Church, we offer a wide variety of ministries and events that cater to all age groups. Plug in to ministries in which you can use and develop skills that

the Lord has given. 


Our Preschool Ministry team consists adults who sincerely adore children frombirth to kindergarten. The Preschool ministry team looks forward to the opportunity of
providing a foundation of truths about our God and the love He has for all His children.


Our Kids Ministry team consists of adults who desire to provide a positive influence and active learning experience for our school aged children. Along with the cooperation and assistance of the children’s parents, our team seeks to build a ministry that excites children about being a part of the ministry of our church.


Our Student Ministry team consists of adults who are not only seeking to instill a love for the Word of God to Middle and High school students, but the team is seeking to make disciples of our students. The team is seeking to build an atmosphere of evangelism and missions with this age group. We believe that once the gospel grabs the heart of these students, it becomes our responsibility to lead them in displaying the gospel in life they lead.


Through our Adult Ministry, we seek to build disciples who have a great desire to build on the foundation that has been laid by those who came before us. No matter what age we are, God has a plan, and purpose for us. Everyone is vital to the life of Reedy Branch Baptist Church everyone is needed in order for us to reach our full kingdom potential.